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Rainbow for my Unicorn 

It was Friday, the 13th.  I was expecting the darkness looming  around me for years to capture me,  but what happened was not what imagined. Swinging his arms, wearing a rainbow  hoodie, looking like a weirdo,  he walked past me, intriguing me.  Plenty of people were on that road, but he captures my eye.  Friday,… Continue reading Rainbow for my Unicorn 

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So one day I get a callI look on the screen and it was the one I was baring myself to.  She tells me “Don’t lose hope” I say, “I have already lost it” To find that guy,  I saw in that city  would be next to impossible  without knowing his name. But then she… Continue reading Thanksgiving 

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Tonight I am crestfallen, and a bit lonely. The demons are shrieking  and I need you to hold me.  Tonight I crave you, and I wonder why. Life is messed up, but hopes are high.  Tonight I ponder, about my destiny. Exactly an year ago, how he left me. Tonight I am unaccompanied, waiting for… Continue reading Tonight 

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What I am

I am pieces of my poetry and the stories I read. Stitched together by  my favourite song’s lyrics. And I glued together  by our midnight memories  and late night conversations.  And I need you to somehow know that I am not okay with pretending  that I am okay, anymore.  Oh God, I would love for you… Continue reading What I am

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Content and Discontent

If I had one wish in my life, I’d wish that I could stay and feel this way forever. Content and weightless with no worries or sorrows of the past. No confusion regarding life and what I look like or what I say. It’s right then that I realise just how lonely and discontent I… Continue reading Content and Discontent

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The Awakening 

He was sitting beside me in metro.  Although it was a ladies reserved seat.  He was looking at me vigorously.  He peeped at my phone, at my book.  There were too many empty seats and I wanted to change my seat.  But for some reason, I couldn’t stand up.  Then something happened.  He touched my… Continue reading The Awakening 

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Have you ever eaten a chocolate dipped in a tub of spices !  It tastes sweet at first, but then you realise it’s just not what you thought it was. It burned and it hurt.  It bruised my heart.  That’s how I felt when my boyfriend fucked me thrice and not once did it happen… Continue reading Harassment