Once Again

Meanwhile in the other room they were making love. 

Passionate, juicy, with deep moans. 

Fiery kissing sounds escaping the wall. 

All the barriers being broken and the voices paining my ears.

My brother and his girlfriend are back together after seven months.

I have to share my happiness now.

Again, I am alone. 

And once more, I have to share my brother with someone. 


I Don’t¬†

I am an introvert.

Too shy to tell you about the disaster

going in my head, making a turmoil.

So I hide behind my slushy hello’s

and sugary personality.

I’m afraid if I ask you,

“What do you think of me?” 

Your reply will be, 

“I don’t” 


What I call Love

And whenever we are together, there is a hint of something benevolent.

Our hugs and kisses have an intense wave of pleasure.

And whenever you see me with that gleaming stare of yours,

a current rise through my body, 

like an electric charge on the verge of 

erupting into a perfect volcano.

Now that’s what I call love.