Dear Diary

Dear diary

Today i made the same mistake again. After all this time, I couldn’t mix up. I just couldn’t. I knew I was wrong. I still know I am wrong. But I don’t know how to rectify all my errors. All those people I’ve hurt. And then I pretend like I’m the one being hurt in all this. But I know the truth, you know the truth. Being surrounded by all these people, some are there for me, some aren’t, I just wish you were a human, speaking, holding hands, giving me advices, taking my hand and leading me out of this blackhole. But the hard truth is that you’re just a diary, a medium for me to put all my frustrations into you and knowing that if you would be a human, you would tear those pages up, and reveal my secrets. Deep down I know you are better being a diary, and I am happy, because being a diary is better than being a human.




Once upon a time,

there was a dear little girl.

Naive, yet very naughty.

She hated me at first,

but I opened the gates of my heart, for her.

She entered, hesitantly, but did.

The gates creaked when she entered,

Made a lot of noise,

Letting people know that entries were being considered,

For the post of my love.

My heart being a faulty one, took the wrong decision.

Pushed her away and threw her out of my heart.

She’s no more the shy girl I knew,

probably my own fault.

I am the reason behind her jealousy and,

outrageous hatred with other girls.

I am to be blamed,

For I didn’t love her back at the time she needed it.

Yes, I plead guilty.





While descending the stairs,

between heap of bodies and sweaty faces,

I saw his piercing hazel eyes.

Dumbstruck I froze and stared right at him.

His steps halted, not because of equal attraction,

but for the curiosity.

I could sense his thoughts,

“Why is this girl staring at me!”

And just when I was ready to move,

he waved his long hair out of his eyes,

and I found myself frozen, once again.

He was neither handsome nor strikingly hot,

But he was beautiful. He was godlike.

But nothing happened.

I went my way, he went his way.

But those thirty seconds of staring in his eyes,

I cant’t forget, ever.


Laying on my bed, with pen and pad,

I am regretting beyond anything.

I wish I took a step.

I wish I would have given myself a chance.

I wish I would have talked to him.

Regret flowing my veins, deep regret.



All I Know



All I know is that your love is crazier than mine.

Your love is a competition for me.

But you broke my heart, your love was the winner and my love came second.

But why did you act so sweet and decided to share the title with me?

Why did you accept my crazy and defied me totally !

Why were you so sweet with me ?

You could’ve been bitter and sour with me.

You could’ve left me.

You should have broken me, devoured my soul and leave me tarnished.





Selfish Love



Love like theirs is not hard to find,

Not hard to experience.

But what I admire is the gap between them, close to none.

Their bond is very hard to crumble,

People often try to break their relationship,

But what they don’t know is that their’s is no ordinary story.


Leaning over his shoulder, she puts all her worries away.

Cocooning her with his own shadow,

They fall in deep silence, a language they very well know.

Conversing with eyes and gestures,

Which you and me would find weird.


Guess what, I approached them, and asked,

“What’s that your relationship got that others haven’t ?”

Their answer was, “Us”

Quite self-centered I presume, but it is working,

For them at least.



*This image is a click of my own of a couple at Hauz Khas,India.*

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What If



What if I ask you to give me a chance, or us !

What if I tell you I love you but I can’t be what you want me to be.

What if I ask you to be patient with me !

There are many what if’s. But the answers are still to be told.

You will give them, please do.

Grant me this wish of mine, not you, but your answers.

I need them, genuinely.