Pain tastes like

Pain tastes like a chewing gum found on a road cloaked with mud and little pebbles, 

which was chewed by the person you 

loved the most.

And now you’re confused, to throw away a 

piece of gum as it’s just a waste or take 

heed of your feelings for that person and 

keep that piece of waste as a token. 


What does happiness means to you ?

What is happiness to me ?

Books, family, friends, music, food, lying on bed and watching shows, smiling madly when your favourite characters wins or something. 

But above that all, smiles give me happiness. 

As my name suggests, Muskan ki chamkan is just beautiful. 

The curve of lips, the sound of someone’s laughter just elates me. “Nieces” ♥️


Deep Words

“Our love, is that enough?” she asked.“My love, the words I write aren’t just words,

they are feeling bleeding straight from my heart and,

inking themselves on the paper. 

Now you ask if that’s enough !

Well, it’s more than enough.” he replied. 



The bliss of looking at your face

My gaze fixing at your lips

Those luscious cherry red cheeks

Long bushy hair

Beauty set aside, your heart is what intrigues me.

A soul so pure,

A spirit so joyous,

A heart which leaps out of it’s own body 

on the prospect of helping others. 

A laughter so healthy

to make even a sad person see sun and stars.

You, my love are the definition of beauty. 

Seeing you everyday, touching not just people’s hearts,

but also filling their souls with a calmness.

Wherever you go, happiness blooms out, smiles spread.

Selflessly you shower others with every 

bit of love, never asking anything in return.

I am here now, to look out for you.

To give you what you have given to others, love. 



Infinite possibilities to one possibility 

What you know,can happen

Or can’t 

What you don’t know will definitely happen.

What you think is impossible is quite possible 

But the possible is also possible 

It’s confusing just like these words

When you wish

that something happened the other way round.