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Word of the day - XANTHIC Meaning - yellowish  “Her dupatta flowing away in the green grass fields with yellow sunflowers all around.” The fantasy of her life, fulfilled by a complete  stranger, in a  strange land was a thing  she never imagined would happen. As the wind catches up, her hair blows with the… Continue reading Xanthic



Word of the day - WHELVE Meaning - to bury something deep You hide your true self amongst the fears you have inside, between the pains and sorrows. The true you is buried deep in you and doesn’t surface unless you’re alone. Why is that, I ask ?  “Because people” you answer. People, affect you.… Continue reading Whelve



Word of the day - VELLICHOR Meaning - the strange wistfulness of used bookshops A wordbank it is shelves on top of shelves filled with dark coloured and bright coloured  beholders of words lost in this dense forest. This place smells of that old smell which personify  knowledge  dreams hope, and fantasies of thousands,  not… Continue reading Vellichor



Word of the day - ULTION Meaning - Revenge, vengeance  This dark inside you is engulfing you. As you take one step towards the killer of your parents, towards the killer of your childhood, you are entering  a world of uninformed  and inhumans. You maybe are lost in  the anguish  or your life traumas. But… Continue reading Ultion



Word of the day - TACENDA Meaning - things better left unsaid   Over this past year There were hanging words, Dead silence Between us And our words.   Something comforting it might have be, But some things are better left unsaid !   My feelings were one thing, Creating the ripple in our relationship… Continue reading Tacenda



Word of the day - SELECOUTH Meaning - when everything feels strange and different  Does it happen to you too ? Walking down a road you get a feeling that someone is following you, or maybe you want someone to follow you. Staring at a thing or person, you just get lost in thoughts. Sometimes… Continue reading Selecouth


Raison D’être

Word of the day - RAISON D’ÊTRE Meaning - reason for existing  The extra cheese on pizza, with pepperoni and italian seasoning, is one of the reason for my existence. • That moment of content when my favourite characters in a book fulfils his/her purpose, or when two of my favourite characters fall in love,… Continue reading Raison D’être