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Two Doors

There definitely should be a third door.  A door that leads to happiness through the route of our heart and brain, both.  -anothergirlwithfantasies 

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Stop Judging

So what she wears a short skirt and roam hand in hand with her lover ! So what her lover is a “she” rather than a “he” So what she chose herself above others.  So what she doesn’t know how to cook !  So what she is a woman !  Do you get the right… Continue reading Stop Judging

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Social Love

Because every picture uploaded together, was to show others, how powerful we are.  But with the increasing amount of posts, our love decreased.  -anothergirlwithfantasies 

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Arrows of Love

I didn’t try to heal.  I didn’t try to stop the arrows. I let them attack me,  with the full force.  For I was truly destroyed  with the pleasure of it all.  -anothergirlwithfantasies 

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Fires of our bodies

And as we lay on this bed wrapped around each other instead of a blanket,  the heat of our bodies burn and the fire that emerges, we lost ourselves in it, a passionate love making.  -anothergirlwithfantasies 

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O Lord 

O Lord Bequeath me with love But, love only of his For I am an empty vessel with nothing but his darkness to engulf me. . O Lord Bequeath me with treasure But, not jewels and gems For those matter to me not, what matters is a treasure chest full of love. . O Lord… Continue reading O Lord 

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Two Houses

// TWO HOUSES // Brown roof, with a chimney on the far end where I used to climb and see the stars from. Once, when I was 13 years old I saw a falling star, but I didn’t wish, because I had everything. Curtained windows, everyday the same white curtains, with polka dots of red.… Continue reading Two Houses