She was damn cute

All I could see was her smile.

The way her lips formed the perfect curve.

The way she spun around to get a candid.

My camera couldn’t stop framing her.

Something was happening to me.

Just when I was about to click her, she looked at me.

Straight into my eyes.

I know she felt the heat too. 

And then, it happened in a blink of moment. 

She smiled. 

I couldn’t go away. I knew I had to approach her. 

But I couldn’t find the courage to go and talk to her.

So instead I aimed for her cousin and asked about her.

And then I knew her name.

Facebook was the next step.

Brewing was something I couldn’t name,

but one thing I knew from the start, 

She was damn cute.


Let it Rain

The clinking sound of droplets falling from 

the humongous sky at the tip of my nose, 

making me remember all those happy 

moments in life.

The fresh breeze playing with my soft hair 

and taking me to a place which I haven’t 


And I open my eyes.

Infront of me is an aesthetic view which 

makes me wonder if I am on earth or 


So let it rain, I say.

Let the rain fall and brew the memories of life. 


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Let’s do it

Let’s snatch away a minute from our lives and

think about what are we doing in life.

We’ve not yet entered the sixty’s of lives, 

but the tension which is our constant companion, 

doesn’t even hint upon leaving us.

Let’s do fun and stop worrying.

Throw away your worries and get your fun side up,

because life is too short to ruin on boring days.



Her ears were drowned in his heart’s thumping.

And in a matter of seconds,

she fell in love

with the way her loneliness 

evaporated in his chest.

Leaving her beautiful soul

to love him eternally. 

On his deathbed, he found

the one thing he always desired for,