Can’t Wait


Can’t wait for that vision to come true.

For us to be alone, in that hotel room,

with sea-view and rose petals on the bed.

It might be a cliche,

but for me it’s a step forward.

And a chance for you,

to devour me and make me yours.


Can’t wait for you to make love to me.

In that passionate way of yours,

steal the vanilla in me.

Deep kisses which leave me moaning,

Your name on my lips, a chant.

Make love to me, yet be ruthless,

Feel me, cover me, love me.


Can’t wait to fall in your arms,

after being tired of all the action.

To be your home,

and to be your temple.

Sacred and also scared,

but with you, no more,

as, you have imprisoned my soul.


Can’t wait to see the sun rising,

birds chirping, and you humming,

a beguiling song, just in my ears,

holding me like you never wanna let go.

And just then you look in my eyes,

promising me more.


Dream Date

Dream Date with myself and my parents.
What better date than spending fun time with the people who brought you to this world.
An ideal date, with an ideal person. I’m lucky that i have two persons, mummy and papa.
Not some fancy restaurant, not even our humble abode, but some fancy hotel room, sitting on beds, without cell phones, no pressure on mummy’s shoulder of doing any house work or on papa’s of attending work calls. Just the three of us, some music on the TV( not to forget about the fights with them about the genre of music, dad wins ). Lots and lots of snacks, playing cards and ludo and what not. Nothing special. Making funny faces and some laughable snaps.
One selfie, me looking cute, mummy looking cute, but like always, papa smiling a bit too much.
And when we head home the next day, we’ll forget about it in an hour or two. But in future, someday we will remember it and be thankful that we took that day off.


My Kinda Guy

His long hair flowing. 

Deep black lined eyes, with fake lashes. 

He was no less than a God. 

Purely perfection. 

His oily black chest,

with a tattoo of Om.

Purring and telling his stories,

with a hint of sarcasm in it. 

Joking about things, and

making everybody around him laugh. 

A bad boy from looks, but

an entirely good one at heart. 

He is “my kinda guy” 


*Kinda true story and that click is mine*

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The blade cuts through his chest.

Her clothes and her hands full of his blood.

Hundreds of people witness this murder.


no one steps up.

They know.

They very well know about her rage.

It’s her vengeance and no can take it away from her.

Mercilessly, she pulls the sword, only,

to push it back with more wildness.

His moans and pain gives her a satisfaction.

Thrusting the sword deep in him,

piercing straight through his heart,

sealing the deal with a cunning smile.

She turns and leave.

Not one care for the people who bear witness,

to this horrid scene.

Her revenge is complete.



You tried so hard. 
Tried to change yourself, 

but eventually your lust kicked back in.

Tried to change your habits,

but you forgot,

“Old habits die hard”

Tried to get rid of your past,

but you didn’t know, that

demons of the past never let go.

Tried so hard to make me yours,

but you never knew, that

my heart was always yours. 


Swim,my dear


Push away the sorrows.

Be the candle, instead of waiting for brightness.

Clear the bay and reach up.

Don’t get distracted by the heartlessness around you.

Don’t show them that you re damaged.

Just carry on, hold yourself.

This is the only way,

To protect yourself from becoming an animal like them.

Push away the dead.

Swim through the bodies, my dear.