Her ears were drowned in his heart’s thumping.

And in a matter of seconds,

she fell in love

with the way her loneliness 

evaporated in his chest.

Leaving her beautiful soul

to love him eternally. 

On his deathbed, he found

the one thing he always desired for,



A bad mother

You just wanted attention.

The cravings you had during that phase were fake.

And now I know that your motherhood is fake too.

All along the time, you were just pretending.

From inside you were just waiting.

Waiting for me to grow up and give you 

the freedom you always wanted.

Yeah I know it hurts.

It hurts tremendously to call the person who gave you birth,

a bad mother. 


Wedding Invitation 

“I swiped right to someone after hard 

screening of profiles, just because her bio 

said she’s a bibliophile. 

I was eager to find out why a girl who 

reads, in short is a nerd, is on a dating app.

But then, we matched. 

I knew we had to.

Our love bloomed from then.”
First page of our wedding invitation.


I think we’re not

I think we are not unique. 
We are like others,

just free.


People nowadays always try to be different, do different. But they never think of being free. Free of society and the invisible pressure it puts on their tiny shoulders. Just for once, aim for freedom. 

You Thought 

You thought dropping a text after six 

months of no contact would be fine. 

You thought he would jump out of his wits 

after seeing your name flashing on his screen.

You thought you will win him back. 

But did you thought of the last time 

when you ditched him with so cruelty.

This time, he acted smarter. 

He didn’t lick up your feet.

He didn’t follow you this time.

He didn’t let you break his heart down to pieces, again. 


Rainy Scenes

Rain all over, droplets taking starry formations, mistaking it all for a starry night. 


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