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​​ ​ When his black met my white, a plethora of colours broke free.  Red filling our hearts Green colouring away the trees Yellow and orange filling away the flowers Blue and violet taking over the enormous sky The black and white remained, not as us, but as our words.  -AGWF

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Chemistry between people

The guy in my college,his eyes were brown, like mine.  But his mind was shallow, unlike mine.  The school crush’s habits matched  with my daily tasks, but during chemistry, he broke my flask, so I broke his heart.  My third boyfriend’s disinterest in partying was too much for this girl interested in one-night flings.  The… Continue reading Chemistry between people

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Sometimes the world

Sometimes the world gives you no choice. You must be a devil and pretend to be hardcore  or else life will crumble you into tiny pieces.  You will realise that you are being destroyed,  but you wouldn’t be to do anything.  You will be paralysed.  A step further will be a huge accomplishment for you. … Continue reading Sometimes the world

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Love or Denial

She knew what she was getting into, when  she called him on a date. Something about  him was pathetically dangerous, yet she  got attracted by his glamour. She met him,  danced along with him, swaying her lips  from left to right, brushing her hair over  his face, feeling him all over, yet she felt  dirty… Continue reading Love or Denial

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Fiery Kisses

“Maybe you are just a beautiful fantasy.  Kiss me before you evaporate and disappear forever.” He tilted my chin. Hot tingles shot through my body, as his tongue probed my mouth.  He tangled his hands in my already  messy hair, and we twisted into  our fiery kisses.  ©anothergirlwithfantasies

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Cupid smiled

your path was different than mine our roads were never meant to collide. but you stepped up and joined me. that’s when I knew a story is brewing  and  a cupid is smiling.  ©anothergirlwithfantasies

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Was it Easy

Was it easy for you to forget  those memories of us which we made  under the silk sheets on the rumpled bed of yours.  Was it comforting  for you to find love and warmth which was my giving, in someone else’s arms.  Was it happening to sneak out at night  leaving your wife  on the same… Continue reading Was it Easy