That feeling which fills youAfter getting something you’ve been longing for a very long time. 

Just like when you get to pee after 6 hours and that too in clean toilet. 

Feels Man ! 



Towards a new Beginning 

“There was so much blood sergeant, he couldn’t take it. 

After all it was his first time.”

Sergeant remembered his own time. The first time he was sent on duty 

along with his brother, given all necessary instructions.

But his brother never came back.

He always feared same thing would happen with his son. 

But his son was smart. He was fast. 

He could escape humans and their new toys. 

Mosquito repellent, all-outs and even those new racquet things. 

He couldn’t bite that fat lady, she had too much blood. 

Sergeant thinking where his son might be. Wondering if he was in trouble.

But his son was living a great moment.

He saw another of his being on the fat lady’s cheek, 

she was sucking blood intensely. 

He stared straight in her eyes and she stopped 

and looked at him and off they flew. 

Towards a new beginning. 


O lord !

O lord

Bequeath me with love


Love only of his

For I am an empty vessel

with nothing 

but darkness to accompany me.
O lord

Bequeath me with treasure


Not jewels and gems

For these matter to me not

What matters

is a treasure chest full of love.
O lord

Bequeath me with wit


Equal to a common man

For I do not wish to be gluttonous 

Enough knowledge 

to make me an equal.
O lord 

Bequeath me with peace


Not very soon

For I wish to end my fears

Demolish all my enemies

which lies inside of me.
O lord

Bequeath me one last thing


A large chunk of it.

For my expedition will take years

And then

Let me leave, undisturbed.