No Love Anymore

What was it all for?

You flirting with me.

You wishing me good morning.

Ending the talks with goodnights.

Pretending like i mean something to you.

Acting like you care for me.

And like a fool i believed your sugar coated coarse words,

inside you were just laughing at me.

A beer in hand, texting me and playing with me, my heart, my feelings.

Once again a guy has done this to me and this time i am broken.

My heart is shattered in so many pieces that only a miracle can heal it now.

I’m done with love.





It’s been a month since you said “I’ll call you when I’ll be free.”

I called you, texted you, still no response.

Either you are ignoring the hell out of me or you are genuinely busy.

But a call, it takes a second to call someone, another five to tell them you are busy.

You are not just breaking my heart, but also your promises.

Has some other girl given you what you needed the most ?

Has she offered you her body rather than soul ?

Listen, it’s over.


Just please, answer my plea and give me a closure.

Then I am free to fly, as high as I would like to without the fear of falling.