You are funny




You always make jokes, so that I would laugh.

You try to do stupid things, so that my lips form that smile on my face, which is dear to you.

You try to go out of your way to listen the hysteric sound of my laugh.

I ask you,”why are you so funny?”

Your answer is,” One day babe, you would understand why I do this.You know the answer, just shed some light on it”

I think that day has finally come.

When you were kneeling infront of me, holding a handmade ring, beside you a banner with a picture of us depicting joker is sticking to the wall, proposing me to be yours truly, I understood it.

In a blink I knew the answer to my question. I always knew it.

I say,”You are funny because I love to laugh.”

And as I say this, you smile and slid the ring onto my finger,enclosing the deal.




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