A chance

When i laid eyes on him, i knew. When i approached him, i knew.

When i talked to him, i knew. 

I knew he’s the type of guy who’ll make me laugh even in the most serious of situations. 

I knew he’s the type of guy who’ll bring a smile on my face with his idiotic behaviour.

I knew he’s the type of guy which have bad qualities, but wait who doesn’t ! 

I knew he was flirting, like i wasn’t ! 

I knew he had feelings which were coursing through me too. 

I knew he’s the type of guy my heart wants but my mind isn’t ready to let me go. 


I knew that I always listen to my mind. I should’ve been in Ravenclaw. 

But now, when i sit beside the windowsill and i process my thoughts, The Sorting Hat chose me for Gryffindor for a reason. 

Maybe i am meant to take decisions from my heart, maybe he is the opener of the game. 

It’s no love at first sight, I don’t believe in that. It’s no love at all. It’s no infatuation either. 

I am standing in the middle, on my left stand love, legs crossed, leaning over the railing, whistling. On my right stand infatuation, looking deep in my eyes and telling me not to come back, because the way is forward. 

I’m in no mid-position, I know the answers, but there’s still a mystery in me which only my heart knows about, and he wants me to solve it.

So, let me be a bit of sherlock and unfold the story behind this mystery. 

Let’s give a chance. 


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