Who was that guy ?

Who was that guy 
When i woke up,
with a sudden breath,

opened my eyes,

and no one was underneath.

I looked for that guy who visited me,

in my dreams and helped me flee.

I tried, a lot to find him,

everywhere, every place,
until the light got dim.

I don’t know,
what is this,
how i feel, and why do i feel this ?

Can’t he come back,
hold me in his arms,
again and be with me forever in this bliss ? 

He helped me to escape my loneliness,
and took me far away. 

But i can’t forget,
that it was just a dream,
which i wanted
 to be real cause i found a way. 

I always wanted,
someone like him,
but unfortunately this can’t happen.

I will always be in search of him,
and will find out,


* It’s non fiction *


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