You are funny

    You always make jokes, so that I would laugh. You try to do stupid things, so that my lips form that smile on my face, which is dear to you. You try to go out of your way to listen the hysteric sound of my laugh. I ask you,”why are you so funny?”… Continue reading You are funny


Under the skies

Under the blue skies, I stand, thinking, not about love or about life, but about the scene which my eyes are being witness to. I wonder, if I am in heaven.  Because this beauty is enthralling. My lord, i ask,"Why make such a beautiful place and hide it between mountains.This piece of work needs to be… Continue reading Under the skies


A chance

When i laid eyes on him, i knew. When i approached him, i knew. When i talked to him, i knew.  I knew he's the type of guy who'll make me laugh even in the most serious of situations.  I knew he's the type of guy who'll bring a smile on my face with his idiotic… Continue reading A chance


New Life

In a hushed voice, he say "Janet please atleast let me explain" I turn towards him and look straight in his eyes, yes i can see his love for me.  My heart is shattering in million pieces, not for myself or for us, but for him.  He doesn't know anything. He thinks it's his fault, but… Continue reading New Life


Who was that guy ?

Who was that guy  When i woke up,
with a sudden breath, opened my eyes, and no one was underneath. I looked for that guy who visited me, in my dreams and helped me flee. I tried, a lot to find him, everywhere, every place,
until the light got dim. I don't know,
what is this,
how i feel,… Continue reading Who was that guy ?


Love for the first Time

Tossing over, my face towards his Deep in his eyes, i see a flicker of emotion. His yearning for me, and my body. His love flowing and lust, overflowing. Suddenly my heart starts beating faster. And i know what it wants. I know my body aches for him. I know what he is feeling, cause… Continue reading Love for the first Time


The Sky

Maybe my sky hold hopes for me For whenever i try to reach it out, I demand my loved ones, their love reaching out for me, but what i catch is just air. ~anothergirlwithfantasies Same name on instagram. Go follow 👍