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Under the skies

Under the blue skies, I stand, thinking,

not about love or about life, but about the scene which my eyes are being witness to.

I wonder, if I am in heaven. 

Because this beauty is enthralling.

My lord, i ask,”Why make such a beautiful place and hide it between mountains.This piece of work needs to be rewarded.”

My lord replies,” Your eyes are viewing this and praising it. Why then my dear do you think it’s not getting the reward ! Why think so small of yourself, love?”


A chance

When i laid eyes on him, i knew. When i approached him, i knew.

When i talked to him, i knew. 

I knew he’s the type of guy who’ll make me laugh even in the most serious of situations. 

I knew he’s the type of guy who’ll bring a smile on my face with his idiotic behaviour.

I knew he’s the type of guy which have bad qualities, but wait who doesn’t ! 

I knew he was flirting, like i wasn’t ! 

I knew he had feelings which were coursing through me too. 

I knew he’s the type of guy my heart wants but my mind isn’t ready to let me go. 


I knew that I always listen to my mind. I should’ve been in Ravenclaw. 

But now, when i sit beside the windowsill and i process my thoughts, The Sorting Hat chose me for Gryffindor for a reason. 

Maybe i am meant to take decisions from my heart, maybe he is the opener of the game. 

It’s no love at first sight, I don’t believe in that. It’s no love at all. It’s no infatuation either. 

I am standing in the middle, on my left stand love, legs crossed, leaning over the railing, whistling. On my right stand infatuation, looking deep in my eyes and telling me not to come back, because the way is forward. 

I’m in no mid-position, I know the answers, but there’s still a mystery in me which only my heart knows about, and he wants me to solve it.

So, let me be a bit of sherlock and unfold the story behind this mystery. 

Let’s give a chance. 

New Life

In a hushed voice, he say “Janet please atleast let me explain” I turn towards him and look straight in his eyes, yes i can see his love for me. 

My heart is shattering in million pieces, not for myself or for us, but for him. 

He doesn’t know anything. He thinks it’s his fault, but he doesn’t know that i am the owner of this monster which is destroying our relationship. He doesn’t know my heart is the one cheating on us, not once, not twice, not thrice but many more times. He doesn’t know he is the victim and i am the culprit. 

I whisper “sorry” while tears leaks through my eyes. 

He again misunderstand them and sleep. 


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Who was that guy ?

Who was that guy 
When i woke up,
with a sudden breath,

opened my eyes,

and no one was underneath.

I looked for that guy who visited me,

in my dreams and helped me flee.

I tried, a lot to find him,

everywhere, every place,
until the light got dim.

I don’t know,
what is this,
how i feel, and why do i feel this ?

Can’t he come back,
hold me in his arms,
again and be with me forever in this bliss ? 

He helped me to escape my loneliness,
and took me far away. 

But i can’t forget,
that it was just a dream,
which i wanted
 to be real cause i found a way. 

I always wanted,
someone like him,
but unfortunately this can’t happen.

I will always be in search of him,
and will find out,


* It’s non fiction *

Love for the first Time

Tossing over, my face towards his

Deep in his eyes, i see a flicker of emotion.

His yearning for me, and my body.

His love flowing and lust, overflowing.

Suddenly my heart starts beating faster.

And i know what it wants.

I know my body aches for him.

I know what he is feeling, cause i can feel that too.

My hands reach for him, his for mine, midway we feel and sparks ignite.

None can control us now.

In a blink, tongues collide and kindle the fire burning through our bodies.

Naked bodies, touching.

Our lips are not ready to be departed.

My hand reaches for his heart, and i can feel his beat,as fast as mine.

Love flowing through our veins.

And for a second, his eyes search mine for permission and he know how much i want him.

He thrust deep in me. I moan not because it hurts but because i feel loved for the first time in my life.