Goodbye 2016

Honestly, this year went by too soon. I still remember how this year started. I was in tremendous pressure as i had my final exams and then in march my exams ended and i can’t quite explain how i felt then. It was like i was going to have fun after 5 or 6 months. And then exactly 2 months of fun with some prep for college and i still remember how tense i was  to find  a suitable college and in the end i got a good enough college for me. It was a bit strange at first because school and college are two different aspects of live. Everyone asked me to have fun as college life is bla bla, but no matter what my school life was best and i still miss it. Then I joined societies and clubs and finally was settling in my new life.

I was with my bestfriend who i had fought in 2015 but solved in the start of 2016, so that’s a good thing about 2016 and some old friends which became distant with me but eventually we found our way back to each other. And i found two social buddies; we live in separate parts of India but i plan to meet them soon. They are darlings and we three work together on our instagram blog-The Inkquisites. They are possibly my two partners in a thing we manage together. a friend who slightly wavered in between our relation finally understand the importance of our friendship. And my bond with my closest ones is unbreakable at this moment. I love them and my family. Enough about my relations though.

This year literally was unsettling in a way, although i discovered many things about me this year especially in last 3 months. And my passion for reading, writing and clicking grew. I know no matter what these three interests of mine will never waver. And this year many people were there for me and i got to learn many new things but my bestfriend and my greatest teacher was my books. This new person which i became this year, whole credit for this goes to my greatest supporters and friend-in-need,books. Especially harry potter, i am ashamed as i didn’t read the series earlier. Literally, i am a potterhead since the day i kept down last harry potter book down.

And now in the last 2 hours of 2016, when i am writing this i am feeling so content and to be really honest i spent my last 4 days alone, isolated from world, no contact with friends, only reading and with my family, and they were totally bliss; proud to say that these days were the happiest of 2016. And now i am ready to welcome 2017, with warm hugs, hot chocolate and many more books.




Just Air

You are a drunk and heartbroken man

Moving around the way

Finding grass and beer all around

Lulled in sleep by love.


Deep in heart,you wanna go home

But mind, starry sky won’t let you.

You’ll try to reach it out,

But nothing,

Just air !



Alone on Christmas

Last christmas he said,

“I will be your santa and your sunshine.

I’ll give you lots of gifts

because you are truly mine.”


This christmas my thoughts are,

“I wish i could have saved you,

let myself go, but sorry to say,

my love for you, was just a show.




Dear Sugar

You were the milk in pouch

I was the black coffee in cup.

You tried once, twice to be with me

But never understood,

i was meant to be without you.


Then someone came in my life

Sweetened me,

Enhanced my soul

Yes, i am talking about sugar.



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A room full of Thorns

A room full of thorny roses

I enter 

One step by mistake on a thorn. 

Bleeding starts, immediately

but no voice come from my lips,

not even a scream.

My heart and thoughts 

are deeply immersed in you.

Second step, 

again an encounter of my foot and a thorn. 

Some of my blood covers the rose

Footprints of blood all over the floor,

as i continue to walk and

get my feet sliced by the thorns. 

I know,

i can never be yours.

A future with you seems foggy. 

But ironically, 

i entered your room,

roses all over, romantic yet painful

red footsteps. 

I am eternally married to you now.


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