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Word of the day- Datsuzoku 

Word of the day - Datsuzoku Meaning - an escape from your everyday routine ___________________________ Waking up at five to stay fit  and look young  at an age of thirty one.  Taking a bath just to wear the same uniform again, which I wore yesterday too.  That blue striped t-shirt and black pants with a… Continue reading Word of the day- Datsuzoku 

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Word of the day -Collywobbles 

Word of the day- collywobbles Meaning- butterflies in stomach  The first time I talked to him Not through texting, where your emotions  are to be deduced by the emojis you use.  Not through Facetime,  where your pain  and happiness, all hides beneath the fake smile you wear just for them.  But when I met him… Continue reading Word of the day -Collywobbles 

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Word of the day – Balter 

Word of the day - Balter Meaning - to dance artlessly,  Her hand went high and his feet went high too.  Wearing a blue skirt with white top and white sandals, she soar high in the sky. In the black pants  with a black jacket and slightly less black shoes, he flies like a bird… Continue reading Word of the day – Balter 

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Atelophobia-fear of imperfection 

I am wearing a pink plaid skirt, but I think it’s too short,  maybe my huge thighs are ruining it.  Oh my god, he is looking at me, but maybe not me, maybe he is looking at the hot chick beside me, after all why would he look at me, the payjama wearing nerd. People call… Continue reading Atelophobia-fear of imperfection 

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Word of the day- Abience 

Word - Abience  Meaning - the strong urge to avoid someone or something  It haunted me.  Day and night Night and day The only thing I dreamed about.  How can it be possible,  that the one thing you long for is the only thing you run from ? Yes I am talking about a person,… Continue reading Word of the day- Abience 

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No fucks

I laid myself bare not just physically  but also all the secrets I treasured and all the kisses I saved, I gave them to you. All the firsts, I named them after you. I stopped eating my favourite food because you never liked it.  I never wore short skirts or bikinis or even shorts, because… Continue reading No fucks

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Relationships nowadays 

Like the petals I am falling. Not altogether  but piece by piece. Not because of the wind but because you are plucking me out one by one, you’re breaking me one by one, you’re taking away my soul one my one,  you’re destroying my essence one my one, you are transforming me from a flower… Continue reading Relationships nowadays