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The Secret is Out

I received it on my mail, then on my text message. The pings started on whatsapp then, and then my phone was hoarded by calls. They all have seen it. They must have. It was out. The secret I was trying to protect was out. “Bitch, slut, whore, suck my dick, fuck me tonight” The… Continue reading The Secret is Out

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“Then my hand goes up your thigh and stop right before the gates and you won’t even realise when your legs opened wide to let my fingers search the area. You’ll be wanting me, but I will sit back and relax, leaving you high and dry, teasing you” as I read his text, my thighs… Continue reading Tease


Move On

I was his wife’s maid of honor I stood by his side when he kissed her I blessed him for a happy marriage. Even after our breakup, we revived our friendship, in about three years. He looked at me before adorning her with the ring on their wedding day. And I stood there and just… Continue reading Move On


When did I lose my virginity

I was six when I was raped by my dad’s brother. He lived at our place and one day he just groped me and my tiny brain couldn’t contemplate that my body was being used and that it was wrong so I did what I could, I let him fuck me. He stopped when I… Continue reading When did I lose my virginity


Fire Balls

She wore her red dress The dress in which she looked like devil. When she entered the hallway, everyone stared at her. One guy turned and winked at her and my insides started burning. On the other hand, it was another feeling when that fiery woman walked up and held my arm, cause I was… Continue reading Fire Balls


Letter to my Bestfriend

Abigail, So sorry to have missed your past facetime calls. I have been bit busy with the kids. But it feels like yesterday, when we were learning to draw condom and dicks on the last page of our notebook. How we remembered every single word to the adult songs and then we were caught singing… Continue reading Letter to my Bestfriend

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I am Dead, but, Am I ?

This is the 39th day of this new year and I’m expected to be happy. I’m supposed to be cheery. They said, “New year, New Beginning” For them it’s easy. They never knew him, like I did. They never loved him, like I did. Moreover, they never had the pleasure of being loved by him,… Continue reading I am Dead, but, Am I ?