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Twenty One 

21 was his age when we first met 21 was the date when we sat back but our lips met  21 was his birthday date, when I brought him a bundle of chocolates  21 was his jersey number  21 was his flat number  21 was his phone number’s middle digits 21 was his lucky number … Continue reading Twenty One 

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Time and Time

There was a time when you used to be my deity  Your feet were my home  Your satisfaction was my orgasm. There is this time now when your prayers start with mine My home is your house  My orgasm is your duty.  ©anothergirlwithfantasies

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🌈 and 🦄 

Now that I have detached my shades of negativity, I see rainbows and unicorns  all around me.  ©anothergirlwithfantasies

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colour colour

blue eyes green hair pink shoes red pants  orange shirt white tie. He was not what you would call simple.  He in his way was colours all around.  ©anothergirlwithfantasies PS - this click is mine 

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Six word story – lost

Your innocence is wrapped up  in the blanket of  maturity.  Your kiddish behaviour  is embedded  in a cocoon of society  and it’s  measures.  Your happiness  is locked away by yourself in a tin box whose key  is lost forever.  ©anothergirlwithfantasies

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6 word story – watch

The first time I went  to the hill to witness the rise  of that yellow and red thing in the sky. Vibrant it was.  And when the tears came,  I can’t say.  It was peaceful.  Knowing that I was a witness to such a beauty  to such a phenomenon of nature was in itself too… Continue reading 6 word story – watch

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6 word story – chosen one

And when I turn back the first thing I see were his eyes eyes shining like stars his emerald eyes which looked straight at me with a force I’ve never before felt. And in that moment,  I knew he was my chosen one.  ©anothergirlwithfantasies