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The Virgin Tear

// THE VIRGIN TEAR // That virgin tear which falls on your cheek, unknowingly, and unexpected. It’s not just a drizzle, no It brings a downpour afterwards and when the river of tears flow, the seed of delight and despair grow side by side. It’s not a tear of joy neither is it a tear… Continue reading The Virgin Tear

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Marriage of a Prostitute

// Marriage of the prostitute // The prostitute you fucked, whom you called a slut married a man of her stature last month. She dressed up in clad red saree adorned with golden bangles, four in each hand, as an added touch, she wore a maroon coloured bindi. He is a worthy man because he… Continue reading Marriage of a Prostitute

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Fallen Blood

My blood was stretched all over the white tiles of my room. I couldn’t find the courage to live, so I killed myself. But even after I’m dead, and I see my body lying there, just like that, no heartbeat, no chest rising or falling, covered in my own blood, I wonder, if it’s suicide… Continue reading Fallen Blood

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Murder by pen

// MURDER BY PEN // Tipsy and curvy are her letters, just like her. And whenever her fingers hold the pen, always a red pen, someone gets killed, by her. No, she isn’t a sociopath, still she gives birth to uncountable ideas, to murder and to kill. She kills off people with such a grace,… Continue reading Murder by pen

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Dance with Death (Part 2)

// DANCE WITH DEATH V.2 // Two year old cuts ceased their whispers. They started to dissipate, just like me. They halted one day, but I never re appeared from the shadows and the dark. I was still known as “the lady who dances with death” But it was now time, Time for a last… Continue reading Dance with Death (Part 2)

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Dance with Death (Part 1)

It was strong. The bond between us. She piled the bundle of sorrows on my desk. I gave her the elixir of joy. She steadily became the meaning I was looking for, and I became the happiness, life couldn’t offer her. Soon, our life got contaminated with rusty fear, our emotions started flowing like fluids.… Continue reading Dance with Death (Part 1)

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When he said another woman’s name

// WHEN HE SAID ANOTHER WOMAN’S NAME IN BED // Vanilla scented candles Red silk bed sheets Love in the air And us two, Our first night together. My clit was pulsating from all the loving his tongue and his fingers were giving me. My mouth was all dried up from shouting out his name… Continue reading When he said another woman’s name