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Day 5

You were a Rajdhani Express I was a local train.  Our story was impossible,  but who knew what those engines had in mind !  ©anothergirlwithfantasies PS - Rajdhani Express is the name of an Indian train which is considered as a high standard compared to local train. 

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Day 4

Fitted grey blazer With skin tight dark grey pants Hanging over my dark skin Blending in with the colours of the night. Sitting under the indigo celestial dome With the feel of zephyr on my lashes Azure eyes looking at the turquoise waves Fingers buried in the dusky sand.  Memories devour me Aiming straight to… Continue reading Day 4

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Day 3

|| DAY 3 || You have gone, Your love, disappeared  But this token of your love, remains.  The silver earrings  from the antique shop on Street 69.  © anothergirlwithfantasies 


Day 2

Always is a little overrated. Just like forever. Cause sometimes, You just need one moment  To hold the gaze of that person you love  To touch their face and exhale a fresh breath. To look at their hands and remember those memories. To rest your head on their chest and hug them tightly because you… Continue reading Day 2

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Word of the day - ZEMBLANITY Meaning - the inevitable discovery of what we would rather not know I was content not knowing  of your  surly affairs  with other women.  I was satisfied with having you in our bed  twice a week.  I was happy going out to dinner at our  favourite restaurant  once a… Continue reading Zemblanity

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Word of the day - YÜGEN Meaning - mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe  I watch others often how comfortable they are getting in their own skins with passing time. How their judgements are clouded with the happy thoughts of all.  Angels, demons, humans, evils, vampires, werewolves  These are nothing but creation of… Continue reading Yügen