Infinite possibilities to one possibility 

What you know,can happen

Or can’t 

What you don’t know will definitely happen.

What you think is impossible is quite possible 

But the possible is also possible 

It’s confusing just like these words

When you wish

that something happened the other way round. 


Don’t Follow Me

Not a puppet of yours, anymore.

I have chosen this path, significant of
the catastrophes on forth.

Repercussions of you trailing me will lead to a defeat.

Let me wander alone, afresh.

Let me be the former me, heartless. 

Because that tag befits me well.

So linger beside your own shadow,

till I exhibit a sign.

And if I don’t, edge forward, except towards me. 

I’m going on, without you.

For now, even the devil can’t scare me to go back in hell. 


Thunder in the sky

Thunder in the sky,

Clouds forming shapes, I can’t quite infer.

Standing on the pathway, is a man

with ragged clothes and a big bushy beard,

giving a scary look about him.

Rumbles the sky,

and his gaze follow the clouds,

a drop of rain falls

exactly where his tear should fall

and he smiles through his mane.


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Not Me

It’s almost midnight 

and I am still waiting for your reply,

because I’d rather talk to you

than do anything else.

But as the day comes to an end

I realise I am just wasting my time,

because I haven’t heard from you for hours,

and the last time I saw you

there was a sparkle in your eyes,

whose reason is someone else.

And now I know,

that you must be talking to someone 

who is surely not me.


Happy 19th to me

I am pieces of my poetry

and the stories I read,

stitched together by

my favourite song’s lyrics.

I am glued together 

by the midnight memories 

and those sweet conversations.

Words define me,

words make me.

Nature shouts out my name,

to capture it’s scenic beauty.

Peace calls to me,

acting like a muse,

for my words.

Pen and paper are my refuge

and so are books.



I turned 19 today and my friends made it so damn special.

They know I’m a potterhead.

In short, they made my dream come true, and in a way better way.