All I Know



All I know is that your love is crazier than mine.

Your love is a competition for me.

But you broke my heart, your love was the winner and my love came second.

But why did you act so sweet and decided to share the title with me?

Why did you accept my crazy and defied me totally !

Why were you so sweet with me ?

You could’ve been bitter and sour with me.

You could’ve left me.

You should have broken me, devoured my soul and leave me tarnished.





Selfish Love



Love like theirs is not hard to find,

Not hard to experience.

But what I admire is the gap between them, close to none.

Their bond is very hard to crumble,

People often try to break their relationship,

But what they don’t know is that their’s is no ordinary story.


Leaning over his shoulder, she puts all her worries away.

Cocooning her with his own shadow,

They fall in deep silence, a language they very well know.

Conversing with eyes and gestures,

Which you and me would find weird.


Guess what, I approached them, and asked,

“What’s that your relationship got that others haven’t ?”

Their answer was, “Us”

Quite self-centered I presume, but it is working,

For them at least.



*This image is a click of my own of a couple at Hauz Khas,India.*

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What If



What if I ask you to give me a chance, or us !

What if I tell you I love you but I can’t be what you want me to be.

What if I ask you to be patient with me !

There are many what if’s. But the answers are still to be told.

You will give them, please do.

Grant me this wish of mine, not you, but your answers.

I need them, genuinely.



Love Or Denial

 She knew what she was getting into, when she first called him on a date. Something about him was pathetically dangerous, yet she got attracted by his glamour. She met him, danced along with him, swaying her hips from left to right, brushing her hair over his face, feeling him all over, yet she felt dirty with him. She felt some coarse vibes through him, yet surrendered herself intimately. He felt her all over, yanking her skirt, pulling her towards him. It was getting kind of blurry when the clock turned twelve and the alcohol started touching her nerves. Kissing her lips, whispering dirty deeds in her ear, she’s listening yet without any emotion. She’s losing herself, particularly to feel no pain, but she doesn’t know that nothing is what she will gain.
Now the other aspect of story, where I come from behind and jolt him towards the wall breaking his spine. How dare he touched my girl, she is silly I know, but she’s all I have. She pushes me to save him, bending down to check his bruise. But I know better about her heart, her feelings for me at the moment are bitter, but she’s true at heart. I think her love is stored in a vial, long slender and difficult to place, but my friends say I am in denial. Hey lord, help me, lead me to a way with tranquility.
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You promised me that you’ll entrust me with your deepest and darkest secrets.

Then why did you did this to me and one day left me with your memories of betrayal.

You didn’t cheat on me, and I think I could have handled it.

But what you did was far from what I expected from you, you betrayed my feelings.

You cheated on me with your fun, over my love.

At first you thought I was madly in love with you, when I wasn’t.

Now you think the opposite.

But let me tell you one thing my dear, I love you and I will for sometime, but there will come a time when all this will go in a deep shit, then I will face you, and tell you, that I love you but you don’t deserve me, I am too precious for you.